Watch: Students Awesomely Like The Bernies’ Tax Plan… But See What Happens When The Find Out It’s Trump’s

If you want to have a good laugh just watch the video, in which an interviewer goes around George Washington University Campus in Washington D.C and asks liberal students what are their opinions about the Trumps new tax plan.

The interviewer asked each student the same question and got the pretty same answer, they all stated they don’t like the plan, since it brings benefits to the rich, but not to the middle class.

Then he asked students what they think of this brand new Bernie Sanders tax plan, which he totally fabricated. When he started listing off the new Sanders tax plan’s features such as increasing child tax credits, eliminating the “death tax“, and lowering the small business tax rates to a maximum of 25%, the students reacted positively.

But, now the big surprise comes. The interviewer asked the students whether they think Sanders’ tax plan offers better opportunities or Trumps plan, they all voted for Sanders, but then he reveals that the tax plan they actually overwhelmingly agree with, is actually Trump’s that they originally hated.

Some of the George Washington students were shocked, and others were angry for being tricked on camera. This point of this video is for people to learn that there is an overwhelming negative bias against Trump especially within the political left and milennials and it proves that it has gotten out of control.

Perhaps we shouldn’t jump on conclusions and take a good look at what Trump is actually doing, since there is a chance you may agree with a lot of it.

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