A Video Proves Trump Is Right And Exposes Liberal Mayor San Juan And Where Puerto Rico’s Help Went

Despite the overwhelming efforts of the President Trump to help the devastated Puerto Rico after the Hurricane Maria, which earned himself praise by the Governor Richardo Rossello, the left has still been criticizing him widely. Now, a video has emerged which proved right Trump and depicts liberal Mayor of San Juan look awful. The footage shows where Puerto Rico’s help went, and it will make you angry.

The disporting footage shows how the Secretary of State of Puerto Rico, Luis Rivera Marin, is rummaging through a huge container which seems to be a large shipping crate or a dumpster. There is a number of ready-packed meals inside which have gone to waste, although many Puerto Ricans remained hungry. The food hadn’t been disturbed where it should have been, but was left to rot in the elements, probably becoming food for rodents, rather than a food to citizens who desperately need it.

“We got tipped about the mishandling of some of the supplies in a distribution center in Patilla, and we were able to corroborate what we didn’t want to see. In a garbage dump truck we found pallets full of meals ready to be distributed at one time but now all spoiled,” Marin told CBS News Correspondent David Begnaud. “They were left under the rain in the open air under the sun subject to rodents and animals,” added the Secretary of State.

In the light of protest from one Democratic mayor in Puerto Rico who was particularly vocal about relief efforts after Hurricane Maria, a video is widely circulating on the internet supposedly depicting what happened with the many supplies that have been sent to help the locals devastated by the storm.

The video’s description reads, “Fully packed meals in Trash Dumpster in Patilla, P.R. and Starvation still in effect in most of the island”

In the video you can see a man in shock after he finds something that looks like shipping container-sized been filled with box after box of meals that haven’t been open and been discarded. . When the camera pans, you can see a semi-truck trailer right behind the dumpster which raises the question, “Did those supplies go straight from the truck to the trash?”

I’m assuming that celebrities won’t be happy to see that the millions of dollars worth supplies they have been sending to the island went to rot. But, I think that despite Trump’s relief efforts to help the needed Puerto Rico and the video that proved him right, the leftist will continue with their crusade to bash Trump on television.

Indeed, just three weeks ago, San Juan Mayor Caren Yuliz Cruz Soto told MSNBC during a televised interview, “I’m mad as hell because my people’s lives are at stake.” She added, “We are dying, and you [Trump] are killing us with inefficiency,” according to NBC News.

Her emotionally-charged plea was severely undermined, though, because of a little something viewers noticed directly behind her; namely, massive pallets, all piled high with U.S. aid. That’s right, Mayor Soto, who proves to be more of a village idiot than a seasoned politician, stood right in front of supplies that Trump sent to Puerto Rico and, at the same time, said Trump was doing nothing to help Puerto Rico.

With certain Puerto Rican authorities seemingly working harder to trash Trump than to rebuild amid Hurricane Maria’s damage, the president released a series of tweets last week that contained a message the left did not want to hear. “We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever,” the president tweeted on Thursday.

It would seem fairly obvious that U.S. aid to Puerto Rico cannot continue indefinitely, but still, liberals came out in droves to attack Trump, who they claimed wants to “abandon” Puerto Rico during a “humanitarian crisis.” While the president clearly did not state that he intends to cut aid overnight, perhaps it is time to consider drawing back the tax dollars being spent to send the island supplies since it appears they’re only going to be wasted anyway.

Once again, President Donald Trump has been vindicated. He sent the necessary supplies to Puerto Rico, and they were left to rot. The left is going to have a difficult time explaining this one, but then, they’ve never been particularly concerned with the facts.

h/t: madworldnews.com/san-juan-mayor-puerto-ricos-aid/

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