Tucker Carlson Attacks Trump Implying What Would Have Happened If Barack Obama Had Said That

Fox News host Tucker Carlson doesn’t condemn Donald Trump very frequently, but he decided to do so on Thursday night following the president’s suggestion about taking guns away from potentially dangerous people before due process.

“Imagine if Barack Obama had said that,” Carlson said. “Just ignore due process and start confiscating guns.”

Carlson pointed out that Obama would’ve been “denounced as a dictator” for releasing such a statement.

“We would have denounced him first, trust me,” Carlson said. “Congress would be talking impeachment right now. Some would be muttering about secession.”

Carlson also had issued warning for Trump about Constitutional rights:

“Those rights are what makes us citizens and not mere subjects of the powerful, and the president needs to be reminded of that. Maybe we all do once in a while. If voters wanted that kind of government, they could have voted Democrat, and actually they still have a chance to vote Democrat in the midterms, which he should keep in mind.”

This isn’t the first time in recent months that Carlson had broken with the president. In January, Carlson criticized rump for pointing out that he would be agreeable to offering protection to young undocumented immigrants, who are also known as dreamers. Considering Trump’s campaign platform was tough on immigration, Carlson asked: “So what was the point of running for president?”

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