Trump Offers Perfect Explanation Why The First Lady Wears “Formal Shoes” When Leaving The White House

President Trump blows up the “fake“media (see full interview below) for reproaching him for his answer to Hurricane Maria and told Puerto Ricans actually loved it when he lobbed “these beautiful, soft paper towels” into the crowd.

When being interviewed with Mike Huckabee for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Trump said he did a good job by offering his help to Puerto Rico, and the thing with the tossing paper towel rolls at hurricane victims was only out of fun.

“There was a crowd of a lot of people and they were screaming and loving everything and I was having fun,” Trump said his visit to San Juan Tuesday. “They were having fun. They were saying: ‘throw them to me, throw them to me, Mr. President. And so…the next day they said, ‘oh, it was so disrespectful to the people.’ It’s just a made up thing.”


President Trump speaks up on why the First Lady wears “formal shoes” when leaving the White House:

“Out of respect for the White House, she wants to look good leaving the front entrance of the White House. So she dresses up and puts on formal shoes, high heels,” Trump said of the First Lady’s fashion choices. “…. She has sneakers, in the meantime, so she can change into other clothing when we’re walking through where a hurricane is just leaving. And she took tremendous abuse.”

Despite resolving every problem in the best possible way, the media always finds a way to make the President looks like a horrible person by lying about things such as the paper towel incident. However, he proved he is a great person and will continue doing good things.


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