Trump Is Expected To Resign Providing Mueller Gets Manafort To Flip, According to MSNBC

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been working on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, for months, making efforts to get him to flip in the Russia scandal. And when the current news leaked that Manafort’s assistant Rick Gates is concluding a plea deal against him, it seems that Manafort consequently will have no choice but to cut a deal of his own in the upcoming days.

Gates, having already given his proffer interview, is likely to officially plead guilty later in the week. It remains to be seen how quickly this leads to a plea deal from Manafort, but one is anticipated nevertheless.

Given Manafort is well acquainted with Trump’s political and financial life, ran his presidential campaign, bought real estate property from him, and is reportedly linked to a great international money laundering system concerning Russian banks and Russian oligarchs, this definitely brings disaster for Trump. To that extent that, MSNBC contributor is pretty much convinced that Trump will likely resign in the coming weeks if Manafort flips.

“If Mueller gets Manafort to flip, Trump would likely resign within 2 weeks after a plea deal goes public. Manafort has thorough knowledge about everything, especially Trump, the campaign & Russia. They’ve known each other since as early as 1980. 38 years of scamming,” said Democratic Coalition co-founder and MSNBC on-air contributor Scott Dworkin.

For in so far as we think we know, we only understand to minimal degree. Could you possibly think of all the dirt Paul Manafort must have on Donald Trump? If he flips, Dworkin is probably right. However, one would expect Trump to try to negotiate and beg for leniency in exchange for his resignation.

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