Suspicions We’ve All Had About The Leftist Have Been Confirmed Thanks To Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine Pirro stated that the controversy caused to President Donald Trump over his call to a Gold Star widow indicates on the fact that the left has lost its axis of justice and moral code.

On Tuesday, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla) asserted that Trump told the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson during their phone call conversation that “he knew what he signed up for and the risk he involved“. Johnson was one of the four members who were killed earlier this month during a surprise attack in Niger.

After Trump and others called her out and the story blew up, Wilson boasted: “I’m a rock star now.”

“She’s a bozo,” Judge Jeanine said on “Fox & Friends.” “Stop it. End it. This is about men and women who die and not about politics, period.”

She said this is another sign that the left has “lost its axis of justice and moral code.”

Judge Jeanine said White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who is a retired U.S. Marine Corps general and a Gold Star father, said what should be the final word on this story when he said he was “shocked” to see a fallen soldier be politicized.

“All of sudden, people who die for us are not worthy of respect?” she said. “This woman’s saying, ‘I’m a rock star.’ What is wrong with them?”


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