See What Trump Did To Earn Himself A Thunderous Applause During A Speech At The Heritage Foundation

In the past several years, the leftists have only managed to please everyone else but the American people, which contribute to the entire nation to lose the spirit and joy during the holiday season. Fortunately, the President Donald Trump did something amazing that brought the hope in the people back, and yet he was awarded with thunderous applause during his speech at the Heritage Foundation.

During his speech, the President Trump announced that now that the holiday season is slowly approaching, he will give the nation a Christmas gift so good, that everyone is going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.

He previously mention that even though the city is decorated with all kinds of Christmas ornaments, it seems that people have lost the spirit and the joy that comes with the season, but he also added that this won’t last for long, especially in the last few years as people spent the best days of the year in fear due to the common terrorists attacks around the world.

The short video of his motivational speech was posted on the official Twitter account on Breaking911 alongside with the description, “I’ll give you a bigger Christmas present — you are going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again, okay?”

And while it is unclear whether the POTUS was referring to his executive order that would finally put ObamaCare to end, or another major change that would finally start giving the American people back everything they had taken from them in the past eight years under the leadership of former President Obama. More details are expected to be released soon.


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