Retired Marine Trolls Trump-Hating Liberals In A Surprisingly Good Way

Isn’t this the best possible way to troll Trump-hating liberals?- Yes, it is.

A retired marine from New York, brutally trolls Trump-hating liberals by getting into a rowing boat in the Hudson River and paddling around Manhattan, flying a “Trump 2020“flag to disturb people in a area that voted for Hillary Clinton, according to CNN.

Check it out (per BizPacReview):

“Sometimes you hear ‘I hope you get hit by a boat! I hope you drown!” he said. “From the top of their lungs as loud as they can,” he said.

“It can be from the edge of the river. It can be from cars driving by on the river. It can be from windows,” he continued. “I get it all the time and then I get it even on rooftop bars.”

“I’m an ultra-conservative,” Cini told CNN.

The cameras caught numerous liberals badgering the Trump fan.

“F*** Trump!” yelled one person.
“Donald Trump is a piece of sh**!” shouted another.

“Middle fingers, thumbs downs and there’s a lot of not so well wishes for my life,” he said.

Cini recalled being told to leave Washington Square Park with his flag because it was “not conservative land” but he vowed that no one would stop him.

Why does he support President Donald Trump?

“I just think that Americans need sort of a wake-up call,” he said. “I call it tough love. (President) Trump is tough love.”

But have the angry New Yorkers given Cini any desire to change his tactics?

“Maybe I’ll get a bigger flag. A 20-foot flag,” he told CNN. “And a bigger boat.”
Because when a Marine trolls you, they do it in your face, not from behind a keyboard.

Here’s the clip:


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