The Most Patriotic NFL Team Owner With A Brutal Warning to Players: They Will Regret For Disrespecting Americans

During the past few weeks, the NFL has been inundated with controversy thanks to the repeated national anthem protests by NFL players. Despite the pushback from fans and advertisers, these multi-millionaire players didn’t stop their disrespectful antics and continued with their disgusting protests, yet claiming they are protesting against police brutality and racial injustice in America. Thus, they are only accomplishing to divide the country further. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones appeared to notice that the fans disagree with these disgusting anti-American protests and has issued a brutal warning to the players.

Jerry Jones, who is known as the wealthiest team owner in the NFL, as well as the most patriotic one in the past, has now change his attitude when he joined his team in kneeling right before the playing of the national anthem. According to reports, the entire stadium was shocked and extremely angry after seeing Jones taking a knee with his team in an apparent display of “unity“.

Jones soon understood that Dallas fans don’t support his decision and started to back the pedal on the national anthem protest. Last week, Jones made an announcement that players who will continue protesting during the national anthem would be benched which drew the ire of liberals around the country. The race-baiters in the NAACP claimed that Jones was acting like a slave owner and that he cannot deprive the players’ first amendment rights.

Jones has addressed to players in person attempting to explain his decision behind the company directive. Jones elucidated his position to the team in an effort to clear up any mistaken belief they had, and how these protests are only affecting their careers.

Here is more from MSN Sports:

Jerry Jones has made his stance on national anthem protests perfectly clear, and the Dallas Cowboys owner reportedly met with players this week to try to explain some of the comments he has made about the demonstrations.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Jones held a meeting with players on Wednesday and told them he wants them to stand during “The Star-Spangled Banner.” He also warned them about the “negative” impact the protests can have on the game.

“Among the things he told them — ‘I want you to stand for the flag and be respectful for the flag, but be cognizant that the fans have had a negative reaction to those who have sat during the national anthem. That negative viewpoint does affect the game. It affects everyone from players to owners to teams,’” Rapoport was told by three sources who attended the meeting. “Jerry Jones wanted players to hear directly from him his explanation for why he wanted them to stand.”

Two weeks ago, Jones joined his players by linking arms and kneeling on the field before the national anthem. That act came on a week where anthem protests were more widespread than ever across the NFL as a direct response to Donald Trump encouraging team owners to fire any “son of a b—” who kneels.

Just days later, Jones said any player who protested during the anthem would be benched. One player said that stance was a complete change from what Jones had told the team when he kneeled with them.

Jones is obviously thinking about business, and the same is true of many of his fellow owners. Because of that, Rapoport reports that owners are hoping to come together with players and agree to end the anthem demonstrations in exchange for finding ways to let players express themselves more.

When someone is in business, you always have to think of your clientele will react to your image you present. Jerry Jones is in the business of football, and the majority of fans are red-blooded Americans who support the troops, veterans and stand for the national anthem. By allowing these social justice warriors to hijack America’s favorite pastime to interject a bogus narrative that is based on liberal talking points designed to divide the country is not winning them any new fans.

These players are responsible for the negative reaction they are receiving and that affects everyone all the way to the top. If they have an issue with perceived racial injustice then when they are off the field they have the opportunity to draw attention to it. However, whatever message these players were trying to convey has been lost, and in return, only frustration and anger is being heard. It is now the time to put this protest to bed once and for all and these NFL players to focus on the game again, and not dividing the country.


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