Passengers Rightfully Angry To Delta Crew Showing Ultimate Disrespect For Fallen Soldier

During a Delta flight a woman after noticing a fallen soldier aboard, wanted to do to her part in honoring him. But, the Delta crew showed disrespect from the highest order to the fallen hero. This action rose outrage among passengers aboard, as well as the rest of America is rightfully furious.

There are rising protests all over the country in recent weeks, and the blame is being shifted on President Donald Trump. The situation is no longer possible to manage since it has hit an all-time high of absurdity.

Pamela Gaudry, A Georgia physician, was flying from Philadelphia to Atlanta with Delta Airlines, when the pilot informed the passengers that the plane was transporting the remains of a fallen American solder Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, a Special Forces soldier, who was one of the four U.S. heroes murdered in the ambush attack on October 4th in Niger, and he was being flown home to his family in Georgia to be laid to rest.

As Gaudry heart the announcement, she wanted to do her part in honoring him by getting fellow passenger to sing the national anthem along with her, upon which her fellow passengers immediately agreed, unlike the crew which showed him ultimate disrespect.

According to the New York Post, Gaudry said she and fellow passengers were told “to stay quietly in our seats” as an honor guard escorted the casket from the plane. A flight attendant told her that singing the anthem would make passengers from other countries uncomfortable, she said.

“The chief flight attendant came back to my seat, and she kneeled down, and she said, ‘It is against company policy to do what you’re doing,’” Gaudry explained. “And I said, ‘The national anthem? And there’s a soldier onboard?’ And she said, ‘Yes, you cannot sing the national anthem. It is against company policy.’”

Gaudry being totally staggered by the opposite response she received from the flight attendant thought that she cannot remain quiet and blindly support something that goes against her morals and ethics. Once she got off the plane, she found an unoccupied stretch of the airport terminal where she took out her cellphone and self-recorded a 6 minute, 30-second video and posted it to Facebook.

“I couldn’t put up with that,” Gaudry said. “I wouldn’t be offended if I was in their country,” she added, referring to the excuse she was given that passengers from other countries could be uncomfortable at the sound of our national anthem.

“I’m humiliated by my lack of courage to sing the national anthem in my own country on American soil with a deceased soldier on the plane. I just sat there with tears rolling down my face,” she explained in her video, relaying how the disheartening situation made her feel and what she experienced, according to Independent Journalism Review. “Hundreds of thousands of people now know that Dustin Wright died for our country and there were a lot of people on that plane that wanted to honor him. Hundreds of thousands of people are praying for this family now that weren’t.”

Delta has since spoken out, given all the attention this story is now receiving. However, Anthony Black, a spokesman for Atlanta-based Delta, declined to comment Monday on the specifics of Gaudry’s account, only saying, “There is not a policy about singing the national anthem, period.”

If that is the case, the flight crew should be punished for allowing this to happen. If the company is going to support their American-hating, military-disrespecting employees, they are just as much as responsible for what happened as the crew.

The video gone viral immediately and has gotten more than million views. You can feel Gaudry’s grief as she weeps over the unpatriotic situation that was forced on her and fellow passengers. Apparently, the politicized NFL had influenced the Delta’s staff, which contributed for our national anthem to be “controversial“due to the kneeling of self-righteous and dishonoring athletes.

Patriots take it personally when entitled brats disrespect our flag, our country, and our military by protesting the national anthem. Delta should be ashamed for allowing their employees to disrespect a fallen hero when a group of passengers wanted to show their patriotism and respect. It doesn’t get more un-American than taking away someone’s right to show love for their country and the people who died defending it.

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