NJ Teacher Demanding Students To Speak English Instead Of Spanish Gets Slammed: Troops ‘Aren’t Fighting For Your Right To Speak Spanish’

A teacher at Cliffside Park High School New Jersey is being a subject of criticism after she demanded students to speak English instead of Spanish inside her classroom.

“Men and women [in the military] are fighting,” the unnamed teacher said in a video posted on social media. “They are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish. They are fighting for your right to speak American.”

Some of the students left the class, and one of them called the instructor—who teaches English—a “racist“. The video stirred rage among the local community.

While some alumni of Cliffside Park High School bashed the teacher on Facebook describing her as “disrespectful” and racist, others came into her defense describing her as a “wonderful teacher” and “a great person.”

One of the students who was in the classroom that day informed WPIX 11 that the incident took place after the teacher continually requested students who were whispering in Spanish to stop talking in class. “This school is not a negative school,” said senior Carmen Benitez.

The incident led to several problems. First, when the teacher is giving a lesson students know they aren’t allowed to talk in class (in any language). You can gossip at your own time.

Second, though the teacher’s remarks were insensitive, doesn’t mean she is wrong: She mustn’t be interrupted while teaching. That is her job. Furthermore, talking in class disrupts the other students’ educational experience.

In addition to this, it is impolite and bad-mannered to continuously speak in a foreign language in the presence of someone who doesn’t speak that language. Those who have grown up in a bilingual household know that is rude.

It is still unknown whether the teacher will face disciplinary action due to her insensitive but harmless comments. In the meantime, there is no outrage in New Jersey community that the middle school forces children to learn about Islam without their parents’ knowledge.

In February 2017, two moms spoke out after being told that Islam is part of the Chatham Middle School’s “core curriculum.” Chatham is a public school.

Libby Hilsenrath and Nancy Gayer were shocked after learning that students were given extensive lessons about Islam and were taught “there is no God but Allah” and “Mohammed is the messenger.”

Hilsenrath said her child’s “world cultures and geography class” only discusses Islam but doesn’t teach about the Christian and Jewish religions. Many on social media were disgusted by the Muslim brain-washing, saying this radical indoctrination of our children has to stop.

h/t: bizpacreview.com/2017/10/15/nj-teacher-faces-discipline-telling-students-speak-english-class-troops-arent-fighting-right-speak-spanish-548899

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