Melania Trump Has A Simple Request For Every American

Moments ago, the First Lady Melania Trump has just issued a simple request to every American to offer their help to hurricane relief efforts in a new public service announcement put out by the White House.

It is time for unity and togetherness. The tragedies have ended but people who have been tragically affected by the hurricane need our help so let show them our compassion and love. Watch Melania beg for one simple thing below:

She says, “Your help is still needed.”

“The president and I have witnessed firsthand the compassion and commitment of Americans as friends, neighbors, and strangers continue to volunteer time and money to help one another following the recent hurricanes,” Trump says in the video.

The first lady sent the message after Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and the mainland United States were battered by multiple hurricanes. The President has been criticized over the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Share this with three friends and remind them that our neighbors in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana still need our help.


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