Liberals Horrified After What Was Noticed As President Trump Arrived In Las Vegas To Meet Massacre Victims

President Donald Trump attracted great attention of everyone as he stepped in Las Vegas, but not for his willingness to help the people or his dedication on cracking down on criminal activity, but for one small detail carrying on him.

One call tell a lot about the President Trump’s choices, party and his overall attitude on relevant issues by only seeing the color of choice for his ties. However, when he landed in Las Vegas to meet the massacre victims many were shocked after seeing him wearing not a red, not a blue, but a purple tie.

Before he left Washington, the POTUS said, “We’re going to pay our respects, to see the police who’ve done really a fantastic job in a short time,” adding how, “It’s a very, very sad day for me personally.”

Now his purple tie had a meaning deeper than many could think of at first glance, since purple is a combination of the colors red and blue, which in fact, shows the unity between the two parties, which was something the president hinted at during his speech following the shooting incident, in which he called for the American people to come together and unite.

Spreading a message without saying a single word indicates on a great talent, and undoubtedly, Trump not only deserves our support but as well to be characterized as hero!


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