Hilarous Secret Behind Trump’s Success Revealed By Former Campaign Manager

Corey Lewandowski, the Trump’s former campaign manager, just revealed a bizarre dietary fact concerning the Trump campaign team.

He stated that the “great thing“about Trump was that he pledged to make America great again, to such extent that he would abstain from regular meals since he was aiming to maximize time for campaigning.

Lewandowski explained Trump would say, “We don’t have time to sit and eat,” thus forcing the men to eat while traveling and paying several visits to fast food chains.

Per Daily Wire:

“We ate McDonald’s six days a week,” said Corey Lewandowski of his and then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s shared diet across the previous presidential campaign season. Fast food was the best option across an exceedingly busy presidential campaign, he said.

Lewandowski admitted that the unusual diet was common since Trump would utilize his time wisely by eating while traveling, so he would had much more time winning the hearts and minds of voters:

I could count on one hand the number of times [Donald Trump and I] sat down and had a meal [while we were campaigning together]. We always said we had the best plane, and the worst food, because what we did, and this was the job of the deputy campaign manager – he had to get the timing exactly right to stop at the McDonald’s to get the to Filet-o-Fish and the two Big Macs, and if he had a really good day, what we called “a malted” which is a called “a shake” in the real world, but in New York it’s called “a malted” – to have that at the plane at the exact same time that we’d get back to the plane so that [Donald Trump] could eat as we’re flying to the last event.
That was our life. We ate McDonald’s six days a week. If we were very, very lucky, which was rare, we might get Chick-Fil-A. If we were really really lucky, [Donald Trump] would say, “You know what, guys? Maybe we’ll do Burger King today.” That was it. Kentucky Fried Chicken was also a staple on the airplane, because he didn’t want to sit down and take the time and waste his time doing something when he could be doing the next thing, because that what he does. Time was too valuable for us.

Trump’s consistent work ethic helped score his gigantic victory on Election Day:

Donald Trump “outworked” Hillary Clinton, said Lewandowski:

Understanding the campaign requires understanding Donald Trump….He is the single hardest working individual I have ever had the privilege of being next to. He point-blank outworked Hillary Clinton.

Check out the former campaign manager’s comments:

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