8-Year-Old Girl From Alabama Inspired By Melania Trump Has The Best Demonstration For A Presentation Project

An elementary school teacher from Alabama gave her class an assignment to depict their favorite First Lady for a presentation project. The students were required to choose any First Lady from the history and explained who and why they picked. An interesting thing happened when one student left everyone stunned and grab headlines for choosing the current first lady, Melania.

And while the students came up with creative ideas, one mother decided to help her daughter for this presentation project by choosing the best demonstration, except former First Lady Michele Obama won’t be thrilled when she sees it.

The unnamed 8-year-old girl came forward with her own idea and asked her creative mother to help her realize it. Later, the mother shared a pics of her daughter dressed as Melania Trump and everyone couldn’t help but noticing one cute detail.

Apparently, the mother did a great job since this picture conveys a great message that most Americans are missing.

The girl chose the outfit that Melania Trump was wearing in her Inauguration Day, yet had her hair done in the exact same classy style and was holding a little Tiffany box as well, which Michelle Obama gave to our current First Lady when they two pairs greeted and exchanged the White House.

This proves that Melania enjoys great popularity and favorability among young girls since they look up to her and are ultimately inspired by her.

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