Fraud Lawrence Attacks Trump, Then Changes Her Tune And Announces Something Else

If you have ever wonder what’s the real meaning of “hypocrisy“, you don’t need to look at in a dictionary, just ask Hollywood. The entertainment industry is full of absurdity and dishonesty, and it’s our pleasure to present you the queen of charlatanism—Jennifer Lawrence.

The outspoken “Hunger Games” actress most probably is desperately seeking attention, if her latest self-righteous ranting is any indication. After constantly trashing President Trump, Lawrence changed her tune and announced she was going to refrain from involving in politics.

However, it took her just a couple of days before she jumped right back into the political fray.

“I’ve always thought that it was a good idea to stay out of politics,” Lawrence stated in a recent issue of Vanity Fair.

“My family obviously hates every time I talk about politics because it’s hard to see your kid get criticized and they live in Kentucky, where nobody is really liking what I’m saying,” she explained.

Newsflash, J-Law: It’s most of America, not just Kentucky.

Regardless, paying particular attention on her promising career of being a less interesting Scarlett Johansson rather than spewing out tasteless opinions about every political issue turned out to be a wise decision. It was short-lived.

After President Trump indicated that violence in video games and Hollywood movies might be a cause in the culture of school shootings, Jennifer Lawrence came up with her own “stay out of politics” rule and rushed to support the illustration of violent murders on film.

“I think the problems (sic) is guns not the entertainment industry,” she lectured The Associated Press during a red carpet event, apparently unable to string a proper English sentence together when somebody else hadn’t written the script.

“The same kind of violence is in different parts of the country that don’t have as many problems as we do,” Lawrence declared. We re-read that statement ten times and still have no idea what she meant to say.

It gets better. The middle school dropout-turned-“policy expert” also complained about mixing politics and entertainment … regardless of being a celebrity who continuously mixes politics and entertainment.

“I think that, you know, we’re the entertainment industry. At some point, there has to be a separation between politics and the entertainment industry or we’re going to suffer,” she told the red carpet reporter, according to Fox News.

“This is, it’s an art. And it’s an art to entertain and, as an industry, we will suffer and people need to take that responsibility on themselves,” Lawrence scolded.

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence is concerned that Hollywood might “suffer” if America tries to reduce the amount of violence in movies. Forget those 17 dead bodies in a Florida school — the real victim is Lawrence’s career, you see.

And that career has prospered thanks in part to on-screen violence. According to Breitbart, Lawrence is seen pulling the trigger in many of her films.

In her latest movie she appears as a sex-obsessed assassin, and the Internet Movie Firearms Database discloses that the actress has used Glocks, 12 gauge shotguns, and .45 caliber 1911s in several movies over the last few years.

On guns, political lectures, and everything in between, Hollywood is completely deceitful. The elites still haven’t noticed it, but Americans are sick and tired of this empty rhetoric and hypocrisy.

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