Former Trump Staffer Predicts Something Shocking About Presidency, This May Change Everything

Donald Trump will most probably be repentant for ending relationships with his former staff members, since everyone who gets fired from the White House decides to reveal the president’s biggest fears, weaknesses, and secrets. We saw proof of this earlier today when former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci — who didn’t even last two weeks before Trump fired him — went on CNN’s New Day and made a shocking prediction for the future of Trump’s presidency.

When speaking to Trump’s least favorite news network, Scaramucci presented his own idea about the very recent resignation of White House communications director Hope Hicks. While doing that, he conveyed a pretty miserable look at Trump’s White House and what may lie ahead. Scaramucci told Chris Cuomo about the morale of the Trump administration:

“The morale’s terrible.”

Scaramucci made clear that Chief of Staff John Kelly, while put in Trump’s White House to restore order, had a leadership style that was repellent to the administration. Scaramucci said that the tactics of the retired Marine general was “fear and intimidation” (much like Trump), and stated that it “does not work in a civilian environment.”

“There’s a culture of fear, culture of intimidation. People are afraid to talk to each other.”

Then Scaramucci revealed some really bad news, given that Trump is losing staff members left and right:

“I predict more departures. If the current situation and the current culture inside the administration stays exactly the way it is, there will be a lot more departures. The morale is at an all time low, and it’s trending lower.”

Frankly, one finds it difficult to believe that things in Trump’s White House could become much worse, but when it comes to Trump everything is possible. You can watch Scaramucci spill the beans below:

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