Five Cheerleaders Faced The Harsh Reality, College Moved Them Off The Football Field After Doing This

Following the former NFL quarterback and radical leftist Colin Kaepernick’s, example, an isolated group of misinformed black cheerleaders at Kennesaw State University draw a lot of media attention after kneeling during the national anthem at a recent football game.

The media attention is likely to grow even more as the Georgia school intends to move the cheerleaders who protested, off the field for Saturday’s homecoming game, The Associated Press informs.

Dubbed the “Kennesaw Five” — because catchy phrases sell — the cheerleaders will now be kneeling outside the view of fans in the tunnel of the 8,300-seat Fifth Third Bank Stadium — the students say they are protesting police brutality and racism.

Cheerleader Shlondra Young told the news agency they are being “purposely hidden” from public view.

“I feel as though it was an attempt to silence us,” she said. “But even though they are moving us, we will not be silenced.”

University spokeswoman Tammy DeMel stated that the school’s athletic department meets “to determine how best to enhance the game day atmosphere,” and while she did not mention the anthem, she noted “other changes,” to include “painting the KS logo at midfield for the first time, processes to help expedite fan entry, and more loud speakers by the student section.”

The story got a plenty media attention when Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren, who is often present at football games at school, issued a complaint to the Kennesaw State President Sam Olens about the previous protest—claiming that Olens promised him that “that this will not happen again.”

“Cobb County has lost sons and daughters at home and on foreign lands while protecting America,” the sheriff said.

“And to witness these ill-informed students acting this way clearly tells me KSU needs to get busy educating these students on more than just passing their classes,” Warren continued. “They need to learn all that the flag truly represents.”


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