Eminem Got What He Deserves For Bashing Trump In His Racist Rap Last Night

After weeks the National Football League came to conclusion that Americans are sick and tired of racist and anti-Trump rhetoric mixing in with entertainment. Still, performers are now picking up where these players were obliged to leave off, keeping the issue alive and well on that end of the industry. This was noticed last night as white rapper Eminem used his stage name to send a nasty statement to the president and Trump supporters that his attempt was only a wasted time.

Even though celebrities hate President Donald Trump, but they don’t mind using him to earn money by slamming him in public. Undoubtedly, he has the golden touch, as we have seen with the great economic improvement. This brings benefits to the entire country, no matter what your feelings about his politics are, and celebrities are attempting to make cash on his name by driving divisiveness in the country deeper with their paid performance on the field or stage. This approach just perfectly backfired on rapper Eminem who should have learned his lesson from the aftermath in the NFL.

Mixing entertainment with politics proved it can have consequences. He is now a sufferer for a cause and instead of learning from his failure, other degenerates in the entertainment industry, like Eminem, are worshiping him as a hero while bashing Trump by accusing Kaepernick’s demise on him. However, the problem has always referred to the fact that Americans strongly disagree with abusing the public platforms to send dishonoring messages.

It didn’t take long for the rapper to get his wake-up call of reality after hopping on the wrong train. With the failure of the NFL and Kaepernick’s career, Eminem should have seen that the country is ready to something new, not more of the same rhetoric. Now, Trump is getting the last laugh just 12 hours after being trashed.

“Eminem’s unhinged cringeworthy attack on President Trump at the BET awards only helped to strengthen Trump’s re-election campaign,” Red State Watcher reported. As soon as the video came out of his performance, Twitter was ablaze with irritated people on both sides of the aisle wondering why these self-entitled entertainers can’t just do their jobs and leave the president out of their performance. Eminem’s freestyle rap suggests that perhaps he’s obsessed with Trump and the power he has over him and is disguising it as fake outrage to his career advantage.

“The washed-up aging rap star unveiled his disgusting song during Tuesday’s BET Hip-Hop Awards,” Prissy Holly reported about the performance. “The lyrics declare a literal war on Americans who dislike Kaepernick, and the new NFL unofficial anthem says ‘F YOU’ to anyone who supports President Trump.”

“This is for Colin (Kaepernick), ball up a fist

And keep that (expletive) balled like Donald the (expletive)…

Any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his (Trump)

I’m drawing in the sand a line

You either for or against…

The rest of America, stand up.”

While he’s rapping and spitting his hate, Trump is winning and laughing all the way into 2020 reelection. The hateful people in Hollywood can keep up their rants and protests because Trump will keep doing what he does and that’s winning. These petulant children are throwing nothing more than a tempter-tantrum to the public and it’s serving as an awesome contrast to all of Trump’s achievements for America in just the first nine months of his administration.

It’s ironic that the blunt Eminem pushed in his rap that the “lines have been drawn in the sand,” is actually reality, but not in the way of what the rapper thought he was saying. Liberal entertainers in a variety of venues have drawn the line between themselves and the rest of the country who wants to be entertained, not politically preached to by these people.

Rappers and racist athletes didn’t draw the line, citizens did by not paying to participate in their rhetoric. NFL coaches also did who refused to hire race hustlers like Kaepernick and moviegoers who picked different flicks that didn’t push a divisive message. All these things led to a major financial demise in these parts of the entertainment industry.

The line is drawn that you are either for the country and actual unity or are on the losing end of a really tired talking point. No amount of rhetoric elitist entertainers spew about the president will stop him from making America great again and the fact that he kept his promise is what these people are really mad about – they were proven wrong.

h/t: freedomdaily.com/eminem-just-woke-nasty-surprise-trump-today-slamming-racist-rap-last-night/

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