Anti-Trump Supporters Colin Kaepernick And LeBron James Were Full Of Praise For The New Video Of Eminem Attakcing Trump

This Tuesday, famous Detroit Eminem furiously attacked the President Donald Trump in a freestyle rap video which aired during the BET Hip Hop Awards.

We all know that Eminem was vocal in condemning Trump as he fell on the leftist side, but even though his previous rants were of smaller magnitude, now, the rapper was seen raising a fist and “drawing a line in the sand” against any of his fans which had a hard time choosing who they supported, which is a behavior that crosses the line.

In the freestyle video, Eminem also raised his fist for the first NFL protester, the former San Francisco 49-ers and now a free agent Colin Kaepernick , for taking a knee during the national anthem, and in that way disrespecting the flag.

The video of the rapper circulated rapidly and widely on internet, and many celebrities including Kaepernick found out about it, which made the NFL free agent to write, “I appreciate you,” to Eminem.

From what can be seen on the posts above, celebrities as well as leftist supporters immediately took it to Twitter to share their ‘support’ of the video, as well as for the protesting players themselves. As of right now, it seems that the situation is resembling the calm before the storm, since Trump himself still hasn’t tweeted about Eminem’s lyrics, but an official response by the White House or the personal Twitter account of the POTUS is expected soon.


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