The Apology Rosie Has Issued To Kim Jong-Un For Our “Moron“ President Is A Must See

While some people are highly regarded due to their high level of intelligence, others such as the Left is, they are categorized as imbeciles due to their boiling hate of our President that will drive them to the UNTHINKABLE….like the supporting efforts of Kim Jong-Un to blows us up.

Exhibit A: This hog. (I can say that. She literally has a pig filter on her face.)

“Hi Mr. Kim Jong-Un. Sorry if I didn’t pronounce that right. Anyways, sir, um our President Donald is a moron. Don’t listen to him. We don’t.”

What I find extremely distasteful and unacceptable is the apology Rosie has issued to Kim Jong-Un for our president’s behavior.

Furthermore, she calls KIm “sir“which indicates on the fact that she respects him THOUSAND times more than she has ever respected our president.
I’m dumbfounded. How the EFF have we come to THIS?!?!


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